Premiere music from “Clouds” and “Flow”!


The month of November showcases the art of Sanna Myrtinnen, Germany, and her series “Becoming One” in Helsinki, Finland. Behind her incredible art of landscapes and zen-like women floats Rebecca Gillan’s FreeSolo piano music from her newest album “Clouds” and her collaborations with vocalist Meggie George (Munich/New Orleans) and their upcoming album “Flow”.

Opening night in Helsinki brought in many people, some to return for the quiet ambiance of art and music. “Your music is absolutely phenomenal. . it is AMAZING how they transport the viewer/audience right into the painting….Thank you soooo much!” exclaimed Sanna after her successful opening night. Congratulations to you too, Sanna, and thanks to our marvelous sound engineer Marshall Mears (New Orleans) for making it possible!

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