Meggie George, vocalist, composer

Meggie and I met several years ago in New Orleans when I was creating piano music for a meditation event, there was standing room only-after I stood up to play, my seat had been taken–she had returned from the ladies room to find the same thing. . . and somehow, we were seated next to each other. True musical chairs!

I had been wanting to add vocals to my piano music for quite some time, and Meggie, liked what she heard and was looking for something “new”, having just moved to New Orleans from Munich, Germany.  She is an incredible vocalist, classically trained, yet has musical theater/drama and plays piano and recorders. Currently she is the lead singer with the “Victory Belles” of the World War II museum in New Orleans.

Since my music isn’t “in a key”, constantly changes harmony, and I use modes, or “different scales to create melodies, that is quite a challenge for any musician to keep up with!  We have been creating and recording this style which I now call FreeSolo.

I am happy to say, we have been featured with our first piece, “Breathe” in a video and also behind a promotional video for Sanna Myrtinnen. video.  Our first album “Flow” will be coming out soon!

Karen Wallsten, multi-media artist

Karen wrote a grant to develop an animated children’s book about Walter, her oak tree and teaching children about nature and the environment through art. I wrote the music for the animated book, which became a digital app for laptops. Now she has a book!

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David Madden, writer

David is an impassioned speaker and prolific writer, and we met when I was music faculty at Baton Rouge Community College. At the time, he was generating enthusiasm for the bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln and each state had a special celebration. I got involved in the project, and was commissioned to write a piece for the Louisiana State bicentennial,”The Gettysburg Address” . Dr. Steve Rushing, baritone and Dr. Charles Brooks, snare,  performed their parts while I played the piano part. We were asked to perform it again in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania at the National Bicentennial. It was an incredible honor and experience! Thank you David! He also has a new book out, The Last Bizarre Tale, David Madden.

Maria Lopez, mixed-media artist

Maria is an incredible artist, and I had the opportunity to work (created the music) with her and Karen Wallsten on a project for about a year and half where we created an environmental piece at The Studio in the Woods, in New Orleans. It was displayed at the Hammond Regional Arts Gallery in Hammond, LA